HTML Character Encoding


In order to display a web page correctly, your web browser needs to know what character set to use. In the early days of the World Wide Web this was not really a problem, because the only character set used for web pages was the 128-character ASCII character set.

Within a decade, however, the web had become a truly worldwide phenomenon, and the resulting demand for internationalisation led to the development of a number of disparate and largely incompatible international character sets. It soon became obvious that some kind of international standard was needed.


ASCII (sometimes referred to as US-ASCII) is the abbreviation for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a character encoding standard developed for electronic communication and based on typographical symbols predominantly used in the United States. The ASCII standard was first published in 1963 and was most recently updated in 1986. ASCII has been widely-used to represent text in computers and telecommunications devices.

The table below lists the ASCII characters together with their decimal and hexadecimal code points. It also gives the named HTML entity used to represent a character, if one exists. Note that a numeric HTML entity exists for every printable character in the ASCII character set. It consists of an ampersand (&) followed by a hash sign (#) and then the decimal code point followed by a semi-colon (;). The upper-case character 'A' would thus be represented as follows:


The hexadecimal code point can also be used. The format is the same, except that an 'x' precedes the hexadecimal code to indicate that a hexadecimal code point is being used. Here is the hexadecimal numeric HTML entity for the upper-case character 'A':


The use of HTML entities is normally only required for characters that have special meaning within the HTML code itself, like the quotation mark, apostrophe, ampersand, less than, and greater than sympols (we have highlighted the corresponding entity names in the table).

The ASCII Character Set
entity name
entity name
00000-NUL 06440@@
00101-SOH 06541A-
00202-STX 06642B-
00303-ETX 06743C-
00404-EOT 06844D-
00505-ENQ 06945E-
00606-ACK 07046F-
00707-BEL 07147G-
00808-BS 07248H-
00909-HT 07349I-
0100A-LF 0744AJ-
0110B-VT 0754BK-
0120C-FF 0764CL-
0130D-CR 0774DM-
0140E-SO 0784EN-
0150F-SI 0794FO-
01610-DLE 08050P-
01711-DC1 08151Q-
01812-DC2 08252R-
01913-DC3 08353S-
02014-DC4 08454T-
02115-NAK 08555U-
02216-SYN 08656V-
02317-ETB 08757W-
02418-CAN 08858X-
02519-EM 08959Y-
0261A-SUB 0905AZ-
0271B-ESC 0915B[[
0281C-FS 0925C\\
0291D-GS 0935D]]
0301E-RS 0945E^^
0311F-US 0955F__
03220 - 09660``
03321!! 09761a-
03422"" 09862b-
03523## 09963c-
03624$$ 10064d-
03725%% 10165e-
03826&& 10266f-
03927'' 10367g-
04028(( 10468h-
04129)) 10569i-
0422A** * 1066Aj-
0432B++ 1076Bk-
0442C,, 1086Cl-
0452D-− 1096Dm-
0462E.. 1106En-
0472F// 1116Fo-
048300- 11270p-
049311- 11371q-
050322- 11472r-
051333- 11573s-
052344- 11674t-
053355- 11775u-
054366- 11876v-
055377- 11977w-
056388- 12078x-
057399- 12179y-
0583A:: 1227Az-
0593B;; 1237B{{
0603C<&lt; 1247C|&verbar;
0613D=&equals; 1257D}&rcub;
0623E>&gt; 1267E~-
0633F?&quest; 1277F-DEL

ASCII uses a 7-bit character encoding (the eighth bit was originally reserved for parity checking). This allows a total of one hundred and twenty-eight characters to be encoded. The first thirty-two characters are non-printing control characters (now mostly obsolete) used in data transmission, or to control devices such as printers. The last character (127 or 7Fhex is the delete (DEL) control character.

The ninety-five remaining code points (32 to 126 or 20hex to 7Ehex) all represent printable characters, including the digits 0 to 9, the lowercase letters a to z, the uppercase letters A to Z, a number of punctuation symbols and other symbols, and the space character. The ASCII character set forms the basis for more recent character encoding standards such as ISO-8859 and UTF-8.

ISO/IEC 8859

The default character set for the HTML 4.0 standard which emerged towards the end of the 1990s was based on the ISO/IEC 8859 series of standards for 8-bit character encodings. Unlike ASCII, ISO/IEC 8859 used all eight bits to encode characters and was thus able to represent twice as many characters.

The first 128 characters were identical to those in the ASCII character set, making ISO/IEC 8859 a superset of ASCII. Characters 128-159 were reserved for control characters. The remaining 96 places were intended for non-ASCII characters used by other languages based on the classical Latin alphabet.

Because the number of extra characters required to support these languages far exceeded the 96 places available, the ISO/IEC 8859 standard consisted of fifteen separate parts: ISO/IEC 8859-1 - ISO/IEC 8859-16 (ISO/IEC 8859-12 was abandoned). Each part was intended for use with a different set of languages.

The table below gives a brief summary of the ISO/IEC 8859 series of standards. The left-hand column shows year in which the current version of the corresponding part was published. The year in which the original version was published, if applicable, is shown in parentheses.

Summary of ISO/IEC 8859 Parts 1-16
PartNameLanguage support
Part 1
1998 (1987)
Latin-1 (Western European)
ISO/IEC 8859-1
Danish (partial), Dutch (partial), English, Faeroese, Finnish (partial), French (partial), German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Rhaeto-Romanic, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Catalan, Swedish, Albanian, Southeast Asian Indonesian, Afrikaans, Swahili.
Revised as ISO/IEC 8859-15 in 1999.
Part 2
1999 (1987)
Latin-2 (Central European)
ISO/IEC 8859-2
Bosnian, Polish, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Serbian, Hungarian.
Part 3
1999 (1988)
Latin-3 (South European)
ISO/IEC 8859-3
Turkish, Maltese, Esperanto.
Largely superceded by ISO/IEC 8859-9 for Turkish.
Part 4
1998 (1988)
Latin-4 (North European)
ISO/IEC 8859-4
Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Greenlandic, Sami.
Part 5
1999 (1988)
ISO/IEC 8859-5
Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian (partial).
Part 6
1999 (1987)
ISO/IEC 8859-6
Covers most common Arabic language characters.
Part 7
2003 (1987)
ISO/IEC 8859-7
Modern Greek, Ancient Greek (limited to monotonic orthography).
Part 8
1999 (1988)
ISO/IEC 8859-8
Covers the modern Hebrew alphabet as used in Israel.
Part 9
1999 (1989)
Latin-5 (Turkish)
ISO/IEC 8859-9
Turkish (similar to ISO/IEC 8859-1, but with Turkish characters replacing Icelandic characters).
Part 10
1998 (1992)
Latin-6 (Nordic)
ISO/IEC 8859-10
Nordic languages.
Part 11
ISO/IEC 8859-11
Contains characters needed for the Thai language.
Part 13
Latin-7 (Baltic Rim)
ISO/IEC 8859-13
Baltic languages.
Part 14
Latin-8 (Celtic)
ISO/IEC 8859-14
Celtic languages such as Gaelic and the Breton language.
Part 15
ISO/IEC 8859-15
A revision of 8859-1 that removes seldom-used symbols and adds the euro sign € and the letters Š, š, Ž, ž, Œ, œ, and Ÿ (completes coverage of French, Finnish and Estonian).
Part 16
Latin-10 (South-Eastern European)
ISO/IEC 8859-16
Albanian, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Slovene, Finnish, French, German, Irish Gaelic.

The default character set for HTML 4 was the Latin 1 (Western European) character set ISO/IEC 8859-1. To use a different character set, it was necessary to explicitly specify the character encoding to be used - for example by using a meta element with the charset parameter, or by using the http-equiv and content attributes within the document's <head> tag).

For the majority of languages, the required character repertoire could be found in a single part of the standard, but this was not true in every case. Moreover, a number of East Asian languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean, are not represented at all in the ISO/IEC 8859 system. These shortcomings would be addressed by the development of the Unicode standard.

The table below lists characters 128 – 255 in the ISO/IEC 8859-1 repertoire together with their decimal and hexadecimal code points and named HTML entities. Numeric HTML entities exist for every printable character in the ISO/IEC 8859-1 repertoire and can be derived in the manner described for ASCII printable characters (see above).

ISO/IEC 8859-1 (characters 128-255)
entity name
entity name
12880-PAD 192C0À&Agrave;
12981-HOP 193C1Á&Aacute;
13082-BPH 194C2Â&Acirc;
13183-NBH 195C3Ã&Atilde;
13284-IND 196C4Ä&Auml;
13385-NEL 197C5Å&Aring;
13486-SSA 198C6Æ&AElig;
13587-ESA 199C7Ç&Ccedil;
13688-HTS 200C8È&Egrave;
13789-HTJ 201C9É&Eacute;
1388A-VTS 202CAÊ&Ecirc;
1398B-PLD 203CBË&Euml;
1408C-PLU 204CCÌ&Igrave;
1418D-RI 205CDÍ&Iacute;
1428E-SS2 206CEÎ&Icirc;
1438F-SS3 207CFÏ&Iuml;
14490-DCS 208D0Ð&ETH;
14591-PU1 209D1Ñ&Ntilde;
14692-PU2 210D2Ò&Ograve;
14793-STS 211D3Ó&Oacute;
14894-CCH 212D4Ô&Ocirc;
14995-MW 213D5Õ&Otilde;
15096-SPA 214D6Ö&Ouml;
15197-EPA 215D7×&times;
15298-SOS 216D8Ø&Oslash;
15399-SGC1 217D9Ù&Ugrave;
1549A-SCI 218DAÚ&Uacute;
1559B-CSI 219DBÛ&Ucirc;
1569C-SC 220DCÜ&Uuml;
1579D-OST 221DDÝ&Yacute;
1589E-PM 222DEÞ&THORN;
1599F-APC 223DFß&szlig;
160A0 &nbsp; 224E0à&agrave;
161A1¡&iexcl; 225E1á&aacute;
162A2¢&cent; 226E2â&acirc;
163A3£&pound; 227E3ã&atilde;
164A4¤&curren; 228E4ä&auml;
165A5¥&yen; 229E5å&aring;
166A6¦&brvbar; 230E6æ&aelig;
167A7§&sect; 231E7ç&ccedil;
168A8¨&uml; 232E8è&egrave;
169A9©&copy; 233E9é&eacute;
170AAª&ordf; 234EAê&ecirc;
171AB«&laquo; 235EBë&euml;
172AC¬&not; 236ECì&igrave;
173AD­&shy; 237EDí&iacute;
174AE®&reg; 238EEî&icirc;
175AF¯&macr; 239EFï&iuml;
176B0°&deg; 240F0ð&eth;
177B1±&plusmn; 241F1ñ&ntilde;
178B2²&sup2; 242F2ò&ograve;
179B3³&sup3; 243F3ó&oacute;
180B4´&acute; 244F4ô&ocirc;
181B5µ&micro; 245F5õ&otilde;
182B6&para; 246F6ö&ouml;
183B7·&middot; 247F7÷&divide;
184B8¸&cedil; 248F8ø&oslash;
185B9¹&sup1; 249F9ù&ugrave;
186BAº&ordm; 250FAú&uacute;
187BB»&raquo; 251FBû&ucirc;
188BC¼&frac14; 252FCü&uuml;
189BD½&frac12; 253FDý&yacute;
190BE¾&frac34; 254FEþ&thorn;
191BF¿&iquest; 255FFÿ&yuml;


Windows-1252 (or CP-1252) is an 8-bit character encoding scheme for the Latin alphabet that was developed by Microsoft and is the default encoding scheme for versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system and other Microsoft software intended for use with English and some other Western languages. Although almost identical to ISO 8859-1, Windows-1252 has never been an ANSI or ISO standard.

Because of the former popularity of Windows-1252 (at one time probably one of the most widely used character encoding schemes in the world) the charset label "windows-1252" is still recognised by most if not all browsers, although probably less than one percent of web sites worldwide now declare the use of Windows-1252.

As for ISO 8859-1, the first 128 characters in Windows-252 (i.e. code points 0-127) are identical to those in the ASCII character set. Windows-1252 is a thus a superset of ASCII. In fact, it differs from ISO 8859-1 only in its use of printable characters rather than control characters for code points 128 through 159. A summary of these characters is shown in the table below.

Windows-1252 (characters 128-159)
entity name
entity name
12880&euro; 14490--
12981-- 14591&lsquo;
13082&sbquo; 14692&rsquo;
13183ƒ&fnof; 14793&ldquo;
13284&bdquo; 14894&rdquo;
13385&hellip; 14995&bull;
13486&dagger; 15096&ndash;
13587&Dagger; 15197&mdash;
13688ˆ&circ; 15298˜&tilde;
13789&permil; 15399&trade;
1388AŠ&Scaron; 1549Aš&scaron;
1398B&lsaquo; 1559B&rsaquo;
1408CŒ&OElig; 1569Cœ&oelig;
1418D-- 1579D--
1428EŽ&Zcaron; 1589Ež&zcaron;
1438F-- 1599FŸ&Yuml;

The code point representations shown in the above table are those used in the final version of Windows-1252, which made its first appearance in Windows 98, and was subsequently ported to older versions of Windows.

In terms of printable characters, Windows-1252 can be considered to be a superset of ISO 8859-1. In additional to all of the printable characters in ISO 8559-1, Windows-1252 includes curly quotation marks, and all of the printable characters in ISO 8859-15 that were not included in ISO 8859-1 (albeit in different positions).

Windows-1252 characters have in the past been included in web pages that claimed to use the charset ISO 8859-1 charset. This can occur, for example, when text containing "smart quotes" is created in Microsoft Word and then pasted into an HTML document. The quotation marks and apostrophes are subsequently read by the browser as control characters and are displayed incorrectly.

There are still a significant number of websites in existence that make use of Windows-1252 characters, but incorrectly identify the charset as ISO 8859-1. The default behaviour of most browsers, whenever they encounter a reference to ISO 1885-1, is to parse the text as if the charset has been declared as Windows-1252. This ensures that any non-ISO 8859-1 characters will be correctly displayed.


In 1987, three software engineers – Joe Becker, Lee Collins and Mark Davis – initiated a project to develop a universal character encoding scheme which they called Unicode. The project led to the incorporation of the Unicode Consortium in California in 1991, whose stated aim was to develop, extend, and promote the use of the Unicode Standard.

The Unicode Standard claims to include encodings for (almost) every character, punctuation mark and symbol used by every language in the world. It is supported by current versions of virtually every operating system and web browser. The encoding scheme used is called the Unicode Transformation Format (UTF) and has several variants. The most relevant variant from the point of view of developing web pages is UTF-8.

UTF-8 is a variable-width encoding scheme that can use from one to four 8-bit bytes to represent any character in the Unicode repertoire. Like each of the ISO 8559 standards that preceded it, it is a superset of ASCII. It is also a superset of the ISO 8559 standards. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines on Internationalisation techniques, under the heading Choosing and applying a character encoding, now advises web authors to choose UTF-8 for all content.

The first 256 characters of Unicode character sets (including UTF-8) are identical to the 256 characters of ISO 8859-1. This represents just a tiny fraction, however, of the total code space available. Unicode has a total of 1,114,112 code points! the Unicode code space is divided into seventeen planes (the basic multilingual plane plus sixteen supplementary planes), each of which contains 65,536 (216) code points.

Unicode version 12.1 (released in May 2019) defines a total of 137, 994 encoded characters with unique identifying names, although it should be noted that more complex characters and symbols (emojis, for example) can be created using a combination of two or more characters from this code space. It is therefore not possible to calculate the actual number of character representations possible with Unicode.

What we can say is that UTF-8 can represent every character within the Universal Coded Character Set (UCS), which is defined by the international standard ISO/IEC 10646. This is the character repertoire now used by HTML. Each character in the ISO/IEC 10646 repertoire is identified by an unambiguous name and a unique numeric value (its code point). The ISO/IEC 10646 standard is maintained in tandem with the Unicode standard, and both standards share the same set of unique code points.

Each Unicode code point is (usually) written as a five-digit hexadecimal number including leading zeros, prefixed with an upper-case "U" followed by a plus sign. For example, the uppercase letter "E", which has the decimal code point 69 (45h), would be written as follows:


Most web pages today specify the use of the UTF-8 encoding scheme, because it can represent all of the characters used by virtually every language in the world, as well as a huge range of symbols and characters used in areas such as mathematics and science. To some extent, this has eliminated the need to use HTML entity references (which we will talk about shortly) since any character in the UTF-8 repertoire will be rendered correctly by modern browsers.

Each plane of the Unicode code space is further subdivided into Unicode blocks. A block is a contiguous range of code points, and each block has a unique descriptive name. The number of code points in any Unicode block is always a multiple of 16. Blocks can vary in size, from a minimum size of 16 code points up to a maximum size of 65,536 code points.

At the time of writing, all of the named HTML entity names published by the W3C refer to code points belonging to Unicode blocks contained within the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) except for those that refer to characters in the Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols block, which is part of the Supplementary Multilingual Plane (SMP).

Declaring a character encoding

The default character encoding for HTML5, and the one recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium for all content, is UTF-8. Having said that, there is nothing to prevent you from using alternative character encodings should you (for whatever reason) feel the need to do so.

Whichever character encoding standard you decide to use, you should always declare it in the head of your HTML documents in order to ensure that a web browser will render your pages correctly. If you don't specify a character encoding, the browser will either assume the default encoding for HTML 5 or use the encoding (if any) specified in the HTTP header. Which brings us to a rather tricky point.

The character encoding declared in the web server's HTTP header when it delivers your content will override any character encoding you specify in your HTML document. If your chosen character encoding differs from the character encoding specified by the web server's HTTP header, a web browser may not display all of your text correctly.

We'll come back to that point shortly. Before we do, let's look at how we actually declare our chosen character encoding within the HTML document itself. The W3C has this to say:

"Always declare the encoding of your document using a meta element with a charset attribute, or using the http-equiv and content attributes (called a pragma directive). The declaration should fit completely within the first 1024 bytes at the start of the file, so it's best to put it immediately after the opening head tag."

Both of the following declarations do exactly the same thing:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8"/>
    . . .

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
    . . .

According to the W3C, it doesn't matter which one you use (although we prefer the first option because its shorter and easier to remember). One other point here is of paramount importance: you must ensure that the HTML file is saved with the same character encoding you have declared for the document. Most HTML editors will allow you to choose the encoding to be used when saving a file; the default encoding is usually UTF-8, but you might want to check, just to make sure.

Now let's tackle the issue of the HTTP header. As stated earlier, any character encoding declared in the HTTP header used by the web server to serve your documents will override the character encoding declaration used in your HTML document; this is obviously not an issue if they are both the same. If they are not, then what can you do about it? There are a couple of options available to you.

If you have administrative access to the server settings, you could change the character encoding declared by the HTTP header to match that of your HTML documents. Note that you should still declare the character encoding in the head of your HTML file, as it will be used by user agents when rendering your document in offline mode. You must also make sure that the character encoding declared in your document matches the character encoding used in the HTTP header.

If you do not have access to the web server settings (this is likely to be the case if you are using a web hosting service, for example) you may still be able to override the default "Content-Type" HTTP settings using a file called .htaccess, which you would need to create and upload to your website's root directory. Using the Header directive within the .htaccess file allows you to add, modify or delete HTTP response headers.

A detailed discussion of how you would go about implementing either of the above solutions is beyond the scope of this page. The good news is that if you stick to using UTF-8, there shouldn't be a problem, since most web servers don't specify a charset, and most of those that do specify UTF-8 by default.

One final point relates to something called the byte order mark or BOM. This is a two-byte code that is sometimes included in HTML files that use a Unicode character encoding. Before the advent of UTF-8 in 1993, all Unicode characters were transmitted as 16-bit code units with either the most significant byte first or the least significant byte first, depending on the order in which they were stored in memory. The BOM was added to the beginning of a transmission to indicate the byte order being used.

If there is a byte order mark at the beginning of an HTML file, most modern browsers will interpret this as meaning that the character encoding used by the document is UTF-8. Furthermore, this will (in the majority of cases) override any character encoding declared elsewhere, including the HTTP Content-type header.

You can check for the presence of a BOM at the start of a web page using the W3C Internationalization Checker. Enter the URL of the page you want to check, then click on the Check button. Details of the document's character encoding, including the presence or absence of a byte order mark, will be shown in the Character encoding section of the Internationalization Checker's output, as illustrated below.

W3C's Internationalization Checker will indicate whether a BOM is present

W3C's Internationalization Checker will indicate whether a BOM is present

Note that the Unicode standard allows, but does not require or recommend, the use of a byte order mark for UTF-8. It does not recommend removing a BOM if present, because some code may require it in order to function correctly. A number of Microsoft applications - Notepad for example - add a BOM when saving text as UTF-8 and will be unable to interpret UTF-8 text correctly unless the BOM is present (or the file consists purely of ASCII characters).

The byte order mark can cause problems for some legacy software that does not know how to handle it, although these problems are gradually disappearing with the adoption of up-to-date browsers and HTML editing programs. Perhaps of more concern, though not something we need to worry about just yet, is that the presence of a BOM in files used by some scripting languages can sometimes cause unwanted side effects.

HTML character references

HTML character references provide an alternative means of representing characters in your HTML code. Essentially, since UTF-8 can be used to represent every code point in the Unicode code space, the only characters you must use an HTML entity for are the HTML reserved characters - ampersand (&), less-than (<), and greater-than (>). There are other circumstances, however, where the use of HTML character references may be necessary (or simply more convenient).

In HTML documents, each character used can either represent itself directly or be represented by a sequence of characters called a character reference. There are two types of character reference - a numeric character reference and a character entity reference. A numeric character reference uses the character's Unicode code point expressed as a decimal or hexadecimal number, whereas a character entity reference uses a unique entity name.

The following character references all represent the Greek capital letter Omega (Ω):

&#937;      <!-- decimal numeric character reference -->
&#x03A9;    <!-- hexadecimal numeric character reference -->
&Omega;     <!—character entity reference -->

Note the format for each representation. All HTML character references begin with the ampersand character (&) and end with a semi-colon (;). Numeric character references must include either the decimal representation of the character's code point prefixed with a hash sign (#), or the hexadecimal representation of the character's code point prefixed with a hash sign plus the lowercase letter "x". Leading zeros are ignored.

Named entities must include the unique W3C-defined symbolic name that refers to the character. Note that entity names are case sensitive. Note also that, in a number of cases, there may be two or more names defined for the same Unicode character (the reasons for this are probably historical; it doesn't seem to matter which name is used).

At the time of writing, W3C defines names for 1450 Unicode characters (and yes, we did count them - twice in fact), although the current list is a work in progress. We present a list of the named entities, in Unicode code point order and organised by Unicode block (see above) at the bottom of this page. As far as we have been able to ascertain (by carrying out a number of random checks), numeric character references can be used for any currently defined Unicode character.

The arguments for and against the use of HTML character references are many and varied, and a detailed discussion of the relative merits thereof is beyond the scope of this page. The general consensus seems to be that you should use actual Unicode characters (as opposed to HTML character references) wherever possible. This has the advantage of reducing document size and making your HTML code easier to read.

The use of Unicode characters is obviously conditional on code editors, browsers, and other related software providing support for Unicode. It is also imperative to save your HTML document in the correct (i.e. UTF-8) format, and to declare the character encoding as UTF-8 within the document's <head> element.

Character entity reference chart

The tables below list the HTML character entity references currently defined by the W3C. The characters are listed in ascending numerical order according to their Unicode code point value, and further organised into their Unicode code blocks as follows:

01. C0 Controls and Basic Latin 16. Miscellaneous Technical
02. C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement 17. Control Pictures
03. Latin Extended-A 18. Enclosed Alphanumerics
04. Latin Extended-B 19. Box Drawing
05. Spacing Modifier Letters 20. Block Elements
06. Combining Diacritical Marks 21. Geometric Shapes
07. Greek and Coptic 22. Miscellaneous Symbols
08. Cyrillic 23. Dingbats
09. General Punctuation 24. Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A
10. Currency Symbols 25. Supplemental Arrows-A
11. Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols 26. Supplemental Arrows-B
12. Letterlike Symbols 27. Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B
13. Number Forms 28. Supplemental Mathematical Operators
14. Arrows 29. Alphabetic Presentation Forms
15. Mathematical Operators 30. Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

C0 Controls and Basic Latin
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&Tab;U+00009Character tabulation
&NewLine;U+0000ALine feed (LF)
!&excl;U+00021Exclamation mark
"&quot;U+00022Quotation mark
#&num;U+00023Number sign
$&dollar;U+00024Dollar sign
%&percnt;U+00025Percent sign
(&lpar;U+00028Left parenthesis
)&rpar;U+00029Right parenthesis
+&plus;U+0002BPlus sign
.&period;U+0002EFull stop
<&lt;U+0003CLess-than sign
=&equals;U+0003DEquals sign
>&gt;U+0003EGreater-than sign
?&quest;U+0003FQuestion mark
@&commat;U+00040Commercial at
[&lsqb;U+0005BLeft square bracket
\&bsol;U+0005CReverse solidus
]&rsqb;U+0005DRight square bracket
^&Hat;U+0005ECircumflex accent
_&lowbar;U+0005FLow line
`&grave;U+00060 Accent
{&lbrace;U+0007BLeft curly bracket
|&verbar;U+0007CVertical line
}&rbrace;U+0007DRight curly bracket

C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
 &nbsp;U+000A0No-break space
¡&iexcl;U+000A1Inverted exclamation mark
¢&cent;U+000A2Cent sign
£&pound;U+000A3Pound sign
¤&curren;U+000A4Currency sign
¥&yen;U+000A5Yen sign
¦&brvbar;U+000A6Broken bar
§&sect;U+000A7Section sign
©&copy;U+000A9Copyright sign
ª&ordf;U+000AAFeminine ordinal indicator
«&laquo;U+000ABLeft-pointing double angle quotation mark
¬&not;U+000ACNot sign
-&shy;U+000ADSoft hyphen
®&reg;U+000AERegistered sign
°&deg;U+000B0Degree sign
±&plusmn;U+000B1Plus-minus sign
²&sup2;U+000B2Superscript two
³&sup3;U+000B3Superscript three
´&acute;U+000B4Acute accent
µ&micro;U+000B5Micro sign
&para;U+000B6Pilcrow sign
·&middot;U+000B7Middle dot
¹&sup1;U+000B9Superscript one
º&ordm;U+000BAMasculine ordinal indicator
»&raquo;U+000BBRight-pointing double angle quotation mark
¼&frac14;U+000BCVulgar fraction one quarter
½&frac12;U+000BDVulgar fraction one half
¾&frac34;U+000BE;Vulgar fraction three quarters
¿&iquest;U+000BFInverted question mark
À&Agrave;U+000C0Latin capital letter A with grave
Á&Aacute;U+000C1Latin capital letter A with acute
Â&Acirc;U+000C2Latin capital letter A with circumflex
Ã&Atilde;U+000C3Latin capital letter A with tilde
Ä&Auml;U+000C4Latin capital letter A with diaeresis
Å&Aring;U+000C5Latin capital letter A with ring above
Æ&AElig;U+000C6Latin capital letter AE
Ç&Ccedil;U+000C7Latin capital letter C with cedilla
È&Egrave;U+000C8Latin capital letter E with grave
É&Eacute;U+000C9Latin capital letter E with acute
Ê&Ecirc;U+000CALatin capital letter E with circumflex
Ë&Euml;U+000CBLatin capital letter E with diaeresis
Ì&Igrave;U+000CCLatin capital letter I with grave
Í&Iacute;U+000CDLatin capital letter I with acute
Î&Icirc;U+000CELatin capital letter I with circumflex
Ï&Iuml;U+000CFLatin capital letter I with diaeresis
Ð&ETH;U+000D0Latin capital letter Eth
Ñ&Ntilde;U+000D1Latin capital letter N with tilde
Ò&Ograve;U+000D2Latin capital letter O with grave
Ó&Oacute;U+000D3Latin capital letter O with acute
Ô&Ocirc;U+000D4Latin capital letter O with circumflex
Õ&Otilde;U+000D5Latin capital letter O with tilde
Ö&Ouml;U+000D6Latin capital letter O with diaeresis
×&times;U+000D7Multiplication sign
Ø&Oslash;U+000D8LAtin capital letter O with stroke
Ù&Ugrave;U+000D9Latin capital letter U with grave
Ú&Uacute;U+000DALatin capital letter U with acute
Û&Ucirc;U+000DBLatin capital letter U with circumflex
Ü&Uuml;U+000DCLatin capital letter U with diaeresis
Ý&Yacute;U+000DDLatin capital letter Y with acute
Þ&THORN;U+000DELatin capital letter Thorn
ß&szlig;U+000DFLatin small letter sharp s
à&agrave;U+000E0Latin small letter a with grave
á&aacute;U+000E1Latin small letter a with acute
â&acirc;U+000E2Latin small letter a with circumflex
ã&atilde;U+000E3Latin small letter a with tilde
ä&auml;U+000E4Latin small letter a with diaeresis
å&aring;U+000E5Latin small letter a with ring above
æ&aelig;U+000E6Latin small letter ae
ç&ccedil;U+000E7Latin small letter c with cedilla
è&egrave;U+000E8Latin small letter e with grave
é&eacute;U+000E9Latin small letter e with acute
ê&ecirc;U+000EALatin small letter e with circumflex
ë&euml;U+000EBLatin small letter e with diaeresis
ì&igrave;U+000ECLatin small letter i with grave
í&iacute;U+000EDLatin small letter i with acute
î&icirc;U+000EELatin small letter i with circumflex
ï&iuml;U+000EFLatin small letter i with diaeresis
ð&eth;U+000F0Latin small letter eth
ñ&ntilde;U+000F1Latin small letter n with tilde
ò&ograve;U+000F2Latin small letter o with grave
ó&oacute;U+000F3Latin small letter o with acute
ô&ocirc;U+000F4Latin small letter o with circumflex
õ&otilde;U+000F5Latin small letter o with tilde
ö&ouml;U+000F6Latin small letter o with diaeresis
÷&divide;U+000F7Division sign
ø&oslash;U+000F8Latin small letter o with stroke
ù&ugrave;U+000F9Latin small letter u with grave
ú&uacute;U+000FALatin small letter u with acute
û&ucirc;U+000FBLatin small letter u with circumflex
ü&uuml;U+000FCLatin small letter u with diaeresis
ý&yacute;U+000FDLatin small letter y with acute
þ&thorn;U+000FELatin small letter thorn
ÿ&yuml;U+000FFLatin small letter y with diaeresis

Latin Extended-A
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
Ā&Amacr;U+00100Latin capital letter A with macron
ā&amacr;U+00101Latin small letter a with macron
Ă&Abreve;U+00102Latin capital letter A with breve
ă&abreve;U+00103Latin small letter a with breve
Ą&Aogon;U+00104Latin capital letter A with ogonek
ą&aogon;U+00105Latin small letter a with ogonek
Ć&Cacute;U+00106Latin capital letter C with acute
ć&cacute;U+00107Latin small letter c with acute
Ĉ&Ccirc;U+00108Latin capital letter C with circumflex
ĉ&ccirc;U+00109Latin small letter c with circumflex
Ċ&Cdot;U+0010ALatin capital letter C with dot above
ċ&cdot;U+0010BLatin small letter c with dot above
Č&Ccaron;U+0010CLatin capital letter C with caron
č&ccaron;U+0010DLatin small letter c with caron
Ď&Dcaron;U+0010ELatin capital letter D with caron
ď&dcaron;U+0010FLatin small letter d with caron
Đ&Dstrok;U+00110Latin capital letter D with stroke
đ&dstrok;U+00111Latin small letter d with stroke
Ē&Emacr;U+00112Latin capital letter E with macron
ē&emacr;U+00113Latin small letter e with macron
Ė&Edot;U+00116Latin capital letter E with dot above
ė&edot;U+00117Latin small letter e with dot above
Ę&Eogon;U+00118Latin capital letter E with ogonek
ę&eogon;U+00119Latin small letter e with ogonek
Ě&Ecaron;U+0011ALatin capital letter E with caron
ě&ecaron;U+0011BLatin small letter e with caron
Ĝ&Gcirc;U+0011CLatin capital letter G with circumflex
ĝ&gcirc;U+0011DLatin small letter g with circumflex
Ğ&Gbreve;U+0011ELatin capital letter G with breve
ğ&gbreve;U+0011FLatin small letter g with breve
Ġ&Gdot;U+00120Latin capital letter G with dot above
ġ&gdot;U+00121Latin small letter g with dot above
Ģ&Gcedil;U+00122Latin capital letter G with cedilla
Ĥ&Hcirc;U+00124Latin capital letter H with circumflex
ĥ&hcirc;U+00125Latin small letter h with circumflex
Ħ&Hstrok;U+00126Latin capital letter H with stroke
ħ&hstrok;U+00127Latin small letter h with stroke
Ĩ&Itilde;U+00128Latin capital letter I with tilde
ĩ&itilde;U+00129Latin small letter i with tilde
Ī&Imacr;U+0012ALatin capital letter I with macron
ī&imacr;U+0012BLatin small letter i with macron
Į&Iogon;U+0012ELatin capital letter I with ogonek
į&iogon;U+0012FLatin small letter i with ogonek
İ&Idot;U+00130Latin capital letter I with dot above
ı&imath;U+00131Latin small letter dotless i
IJ&IJlig;U+00132Latin capital ligature IJ
ij&ijlig;U+00133Latin small ligature ij
Ĵ&Jcirc;U+00134Latin capital letter J with circumflex
ĵ&jcirc;U+00135Latin small letter j with circumflex
Ķ&Kcedil;U+00136Latin capital letter K with cedilla
ķ&kcedil;U+00137Latin small letter k with cedilla
ĸ&kgreen;U+00138Latin small letter kra
Ĺ&Lacute;U+00139Latin capital letter L with acute
ĺ&lacute;U+0013ALatin small letter l with acute
Ļ&Lcedil;U+0013BLatin capital letter L with cedilla
ļ&lcedil;U+0013CLatin small letter l with cedilla
Ľ&Lcaron;U+0013DLatin capital letter L with caron
ľ&lcaron;U+0013ELatin small letter l with caron
Ŀ&Lmidot;U+0013FLatin capital letter L with middle dot
ŀ&lmidot;U+00140Latin small letter l with middle dot
Ł&Lstrok;U+00141Latin capital letter L with stroke
ł&lstrok;U+00142Latin small letter l with stroke
Ń&Nacute;U+00143Latin capital letter N with acute
ń&nacute;U+00144Latin small letter n with acute
Ņ&Ncedil;U+00145Latin capital letter N with cedilla
ņ&ncedil;U+00146Latin small letter n with cedilla
Ň&Ncaron;U+00147Latin capital letter N with caron
ň&ncaron;U+00148Latin small letter n with caron
ʼn&napos;U+00149Latin small letter n preceded by apostrophe
Ŋ&ENG;U+0014ALatin capital letter ENG
ŋ&eng;U+0014BLatin small letter eng
Ō&Omacr;U+0014CLatin capital letter O with macron
ō&omacr;U+0014DLatin small letter o with macron
Ő&Odblac;U+00150Latin capital letter O with double acute
ő&odblac;U+00151Latin small letter o with double acute
Œ&OElig;U+00152Latin capital ligature OE
œ&oelig;U+00153Latin small ligature oe
Ŕ&Racute;U+00154Latin capital letter R with acute
ŕ&racute;U+00155Latin small letter r with acute
Ŗ&Rcedil;U+00156Latin capital letter R with cedilla
ŗ&rcedil;U+00157Latin small letter r with cedilla
Ř&Rcaron;U+00158Latin capital letter R with caron
ř&rcaron;U+00159Latin small letter r with caron
Ś&Sacute;U+0015ALatin capital letter S with acute
ś&sacute;U+0015BLatin small letter s with acute
Ŝ&Scirc;U+0015CLatin capital letter S with circumflex
ŝ&scirc;U+0015DLatin small letter s with circumflex
Ş&Scedil;U+0015ELatin capital letter S with cedilla
ş&scedil;U+0015FLatin small letter s with cedilla
Š&Scaron;U+00160Latin capital letter S with caron
š&scaron;U+00161Latin small letter s with caron
Ţ&Tcedil;U+00162Latin capital letter T with cedilla
ţ&tcedil;U+00163Latin small letter t with cedilla
Ť&Tcaron;U+00164Latin capital letter T with caron
ť&tcaron;U+00165Latin small letter t with caron
Ŧ&Tstrok;U+00166Latin capital letter T with stroke
ŧ&tstrok;U+00167Latin small letter t with stroke
Ũ&Utilde;U+00168Latin capital letter U with tilde
ũ&utilde;U+00169Latin small letter u with tilde
Ū&Umacr;U+0016ALatin capital letter U with macron
ū&umacr;U+0016BLatin small letter u with macron
Ŭ&Ubreve;U+0016CLatin capital letter U with breve
ŭ&ubreve;U+0016DLatin small letter u with breve
Ů&Uring;U+0016ELatin capital letter U with ring above
ů&uring;U+0016FLatin small letter u with ring above
Ű&Udblac;U+00170Latin capital letter U with double acute
ű&udblac;U+00171Latin small letter u with double acute
Ų&Uogon;U+00172Latin capital letter U with ogonek
ų&uogon;U+00173Latin small letter u with ogonek
Ŵ&Wcirc;U+00174Latin capital letter W with circumflex
ŵ&wcirc;U+00175Latin small letter w with circumflex
Ŷ&Ycirc;U+00176Latin capital letter Y with circumflex
ŷ&ycirc;U+00177Latin small letter y with circumflex
Ÿ&Yuml;U+00178Latin capital letter Y with diaeresis
Ź&Zacute;U+00179Latin capital letter Z with acute
ź&zacute;U+0017ALatin small letter z with acute
Ż&Zdot;U+0017BLatin capital letter Z with dot above
ż&zdot;U+0017CLatin small letter z with dot above
Ž&Zcaron;U+0017DLatin capital letter Z with caron
ž&zcaron;U+0017ELatin small letter z with caron

Latin Extended-B
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
ƒ&fnof;U+00192Latin small letter f with hook
Ƶ&imped;U+001B5Latin capital letter Z with stroke
ǵ&gacute;U+001F5Latin small letter g with acute
ȷ&jmath;U+00237Latin small letter dotless j

Spacing Modifier Letters
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
ˆ&circ;U+002C6Modifier letter circumflex accent
˙&dot;U+002D9Dot above
˚&ring;U+002DARing above
˜&tilde;U+002DCSmall tilde
˝&dblac;U+002DDDouble acute accent

Combining Diacritical Marks
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
 ̑&DownBreve;U+00311Combining inverted breve
 ̲&UnderBar;U+00332Combining low line

Greek and Coptic
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
Α&Alpha;U+00391Greek capital letter Alpha
Β&Beta;U+00392Greek capital letter Beta
Γ&Gamma;U+00393Greek capital letter Gamma
Δ&Delta;U+00394Greek capital letter Delta
Ε&Epsilon;U+00395Greek capital letter Epsilon
Ζ&Zeta;U+00396Greek capital letter Zeta
Η&Eta;U+00397Greek capital letter Eta
Θ&Theta;U+00398Greek capital letter Theta
Ι&Iota;U+00399Greek capital letter Iota
Κ&Kappa;U+0039AGreek capital letter Kappa
Λ&Lambda;U+0039B;Greek capital letter Lamda
Μ&Mu;U+0039C;Greek capital letter Mu
Ν&Nu;U+0039D;Greek capital letter Nu
Ξ&Xi;U+0039E;Greek capital letter Xi
Ο&Omicron;U+0039F;Greek capital letter Omicron
Π&Pi;U+003A0Greek capital letter Pi
Ρ&Rho;U+003A1Greek capital letter Rho
Σ&Sigma;U+003A3Greek capital letter Sigma
Τ&Tau;U+003A4Greek capital letter Tau
Υ&Upsilon;U+003A5Greek capital letter Upsilon
Φ&Phi;U+003A6Greek capital letter Phi
Χ&Chi;U+003A7Greek capital letter Chi
Ψ&Psi;U+003A8Greek capital letter Psi
Ω&Omega;U+003A9Greek capital letter Omega
α&alpha;U+003B1Greek small letter alpha
β&beta;U+003B2Greek small letter beta
γ&gamma;U+003B3Greek small letter gamma
δ&delta;U+003B4Greek small letter delta
ε&epsilon;U+003B5Greek small letter epsilon
ζ&zeta;U+003B6Greek small letter zeta
η&eta;U+003B7Greek small letter eta
θ&theta;U+003B8Greek small letter theta
ι&iota;U+003B9Greek small letter iota
κ&kappa;U+003BAGreek small letter kappa
λ&lambda;U+003BB;Greek small letter lamda
μ&mu;U+003BC;Greek small letter mu
ν&nu;U+003BD;Greek small letter nu
ξ&xi;U+003BE;Greek small letter xi
ο&omicron;U+003BF;Greek small letter omicron
π&pi;U+003C0Greek small letter pi
ρ&rho;U+003C1Greek small letter rho
ς&sigmaf;U+003C2Greek small letter final sigma
σ&sigma;U+003C3Greek small letter sigma
τ&tau;U+003C4Greek small letter tau
υ&upsilon;U+003C5Greek small letter upsilon
φ&phi;U+003C6Greek small letter phi
χ&chi;U+003C7Greek small letter chi
ψ&psi;U+003C8Greek small letter psi
ω&omega;U+003C9Greek small letter omega
ϑ&thetasym;U+003D1Greek Theta symbol
ϒ&Upsi;U+003D2Greek Upsilon with hook symbol
ϕ&straightphi;U+003D5Greek Phi symbol
ϖ&piv;U+003D6Greek Pi symbol
Ϝ&Gammad;U+003DC;Greek letter Digamma
ϝ&gammad;U+003DD;Greek small letter digamma
ϰ&kappav;U+003F0Greek Kappa symbol
ϱ&rhov;U+003F1Greek Rho symbol
ϵ&epsi;U+003F5Greek lunate Epsilon symbol
϶&bepsi;U+003F6Greek reversed lunate Epsilon symbol

SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
Ё&IOcy;U+00401Cyrillic capital letter Io
Ђ&DJcy;U+00402Cyrillic capital letter Dje
Ѓ&GJcy;U+00403Cyrillic capital letter Gje
Є&Jukcy;U+00404Cyrillic capital letter Ukrainian Ie
Ѕ&DScy;U+00405Cyrillic capital letter Dze
І&Iukcy;U+00406Cyrillic capital letter Byelorussian-Ukrainian I
Ї&YIcy;U+00407Cyrillic capital letter Yi
Ј&Jsercy;U+00408Cyrillic capital letter Je
Љ&LJcy;U+00409Cyrillic capital letter Lje
Њ&NJcy;U+0040ACyrillic capital letter Nje
Ћ&TSHcy;U+0040BCyrillic capital letter Tshe
Ќ&KJcy;U+0040CCyrillic capital letter Kje
Ў&Ubrcy;U+0040ECyrillic capital letter Short U
Џ&DZcy;U+0040FCyrillic capital letter Dzhe
А&Acy;U+00410Cyrillic capital letter A
Б&Bcy;U+00411Cyrillic capital letter Be
В&Vcy;U+00412Cyrillic capital letter Ve
Г&Gcy;U+00413Cyrillic capital letter Ghe
Д&Dcy;U+00414Cyrillic capital letter De
Е&IEcy;U+00415Cyrillic capital letter Ie
Ж&ZHcy;U+00416Cyrillic capital letter Zhe
З&Zcy;U+00417Cyrillic capital letter Ze
И&Icy;U+00418Cyrillic capital letter I
Й&Jcy;U+00419Cyrillic capital letter Short I
К&Kcy;U+0041ACyrillic capital letter Ka
Л&Lcy;U+0041BCyrillic capital letter El
М&Mcy;U+0041CCyrillic capital letter Em
Н&Ncy;U+0041D;Cyrillic capital letter En
О&Ocy;U+0041ECyrillic capital letter O
П&Pcy;U+0041FCyrillic capital letter Pe
Р&Rcy;U+00420Cyrillic capital letter Er
С&Scy;U+00421Cyrillic capital letter Es
Т&Tcy;U+00422Cyrillic capital letter Te
У&Ucy;U+00423Cyrillic capital letter U
Ф&Fcy;U+00424Cyrillic capital letter Ef
Х&KHcy;U+00425Cyrillic capital letter Ha
Ц&TScy;U+00426Cyrillic capital letter Tse
Ч&CHcy;U+00427Cyrillic capital letter Che
Ш&SHcy;U+00428Cyrillic capital letter Sha
Щ&SHCHcy;U+00429Cyrillic capital letter Shcha
Ъ&HARDcy;U+0042ACyrillic capital letter Hard Sign
Ы&Ycy;U+0042BCyrillic capital letter Yeru
Ь&SOFTcy;U+0042CCyrillic capital letter Soft Sign
Э&Ecy;U+0042DCyrillic capital letter E
Ю&YUcy;U+0042ECyrillic capital letter Yu
Я&YAcy;U+0042FCyrillic capital letter Ya
а&acy;U+00430Cyrillic small letter a
б&bcy;U+00431Cyrillic small letter be
в&vcy;U+00432Cyrillic small letter ve
г&gcy;U+00433Cyrillic small letter ghe
д&dcy;U+00434Cyrillic small letter de
е&iecy;U+00435Cyrillic small letter ie
ж&zhcy;U+00436Cyrillic small letter zhe
з&zcy;U+00437Cyrillic small letter ze
и&icy;U+00438Cyrillic small letter i
й&jcy;U+00439Cyrillic small letter short i
к&kcy;U+0043ACyrillic small letter ka
л&lcy;U+0043BCyrillic small letter el
м&mcy;U+0043CCyrillic small letter em
н&ncy;U+0043DCyrillic small letter EN
о&ocy;U+0043ECyrillic small letter o
п&pcy;U+0043FCyrillic small letter pe
р&rcy;U+00440Cyrillic small letter er
с&scy;U+00441Cyrillic small letter es
т&tcy;U+00442Cyrillic small letter te
у&ucy;U+00443Cyrillic small letter u
ф&fcy;U+00444Cyrillic small letter ef
х&khcy;U+00445Cyrillic small letter ha
ц&tscy;U+00446Cyrillic small letter tse
ч&chcy;U+00447Cyrillic small letter che
ш&shcy;U+00448Cyrillic small letter sha
щ&shchcy;U+00449Cyrillic small letter shcha
ъ&hardcy;U+0044ACyrillic small letter hard sign
ы&ycy;U+0044BCyrillic small letter yeru
ь&softcy;U+0044CCyrillic small letter soft sign
э&ecy;U+0044DCyrillic small letter e
ю&yucy;U+0044ECyrillic small letter yu
я&yacy;U+0044FCyrillic small letter ya
ё&iocy;U+00451Cyrillic small letter io
ђ&djcy;U+00452Cyrillic small letter dje
ѓ&gjcy;U+00453Cyrillic small letter gje
є&jukcy;U+00454Cyrillic small letter Ukrainian ie
ѕ&dscy;U+00455Cyrillic small letter dze
і&iukcy;U+00456Cyrillic small letter Byelorussian-Ukrainian i
ї&yicy;U+00457Cyrillic small letter yi
ј&jsercy;U+00458Cyrillic small letter je
љ&ljcy;U+00459Cyrillic small letter lje
њ&njcy;U+0045ACyrillic small letter nje
ћ&tshcy;U+0045BCyrillic small letter tshe
ќ&kjcy;U+0045CCyrillic small letter kje
ў&ubrcy;U+0045ECyrillic small letter short u
џ&dzcy;U+0045FCyrillic small letter dzhe

General Punctuation
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&ensp;U+02002En space
&emsp;U+02003Em space
&emsp13U+02004Three-per-em space
&emsp14U+02005Four-per-em space
&numsp;U+02007Figure space
&puncsp;U+02008Punctuation space
&thinsp;U+02009Thin space
&hairsp;U+0200AHair space
&ZeroWidthSpace;U+0200BZero width space
&zwnj;U+0200CZero width non-joiner
&zwj;U+0200DZero width joiner
&lrm;U+0200ELeft-to-right mark
&rlm;U+0200FRight-to-left mark
&ndash;U+02013En dash
&mdash;U+02014Em dash
&horbar;U+02015Horizontal bar
&Vert;U+02016Double vertical line
&lsquo;U+02018Left single quotation mark
&rsquo;U+02019Right single quotation mark
&sbquo;U+0201ASingle low-9 quotation mark
&ldquo;U+0201CLeft double quotation mark
&rdquo;U+0201DRight double quotation mark
&bdquo;U+0201EDouble low-9 quotation mark
&ddagger;U+02021Double dagger
&nldr;U+02025Two dot leader
&hellip;U+02026Horizontal ellipsis
&permil;U+02030Per mille sign
&pertenk;U+02031Per ten thousand sign
&Prime;U+02033Double prime
&tprime;U+02034Triple prime
&bprime;U+02035Reversed prime
&lsaquo;U+02039Single left-pointing angle quotation mark
&rsaquo;U+0203ASingle right-pointing angle quotation mark
&caret;U+02041Caret insertion point
&hybull;U+02043Hyphen bullet
&frasl;U+02044Fraction slash
&bsemi;U+0204FReversed semicolon
&qprime;U+02057Quadruple prime
&MediumSpace;U+0205FMedium Mathematical space
&NoBreak;U+02060Word joiner
&af;U+02061Function application
&it;U+02062Invisible times
&ic;U+02063Invisible separator

Currency Symbols
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&euro;U+020ACEuro sign

Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
 ⃛&tdot;U+020DBCombining three dots above
 ⃜&DotDot;U+020DCCombining four dots above

Letterlike Symbols
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&Copf;U+02102Double-struck capital C
&incare;U+02105Care of
&gscr;U+0210AScript small g
&Hscr;U+0210BScript capital H
&Hfr;U+0210CBlack-letter capital H
&Hopf;U+0210DDouble-struck capital H
&planckh;U+0210EPlanck constant
&planck;U+0210FPlanck constant over two Pi
&Iscr;U+02110Script capital I
&Im;U+02111Black-letter capital I
&Lscr;U+02112Script capital L
&ell;U+02113Script small l
&Nopf;U+02115Double-struck capital N
&numero;U+02116Numero sign
&copysr;U+02117Sound recording copyright
&wp;U+02118Script capital P
&Popf;U+02119Double-struck capital P
&Qopf;U+0211ADouble-struck capital Q
&Rscr;U+0211BScript capital R
&real;U+0211CBlack-letter capital R
&reals;U+0211DDouble-struck capital R
&rx;U+0211EPrescription take
&trade;U+02122Trade mark sign
&Zopf;U+02124Double-struck capital Z
Ω&ohm;U+02126Ohm sign
&mho;U+02127Inverted ohm sign
&Zfr;U+02128Black-letter capital Z
&iiota;U+02129Turned greek small letter iota
Å&angst;U+0212BAngstrom sign
&bernou;U+0212CScript capital B
&Cfr;U+0212DBlack-letter capital C
&escr;U+0212FScript small e
&Escr;U+02130Script capital E
&Fscr;U+02131Script capital F
&Mscr;U+02133Script capital M
&oscr;U+02134Script small o
&aleph;U+02135Alef symbol
&beth;U+02136Bet symbol
&gimel;U+02137Gimel symbol
&daleth;U+02138Dalet symbol
&DD;U+02145Double-struck italic capital D
&dd;U+02146Double-struck italic small d
&ee;U+02147Double-struck italic small e
&ii;U+02148Double-struck italic small i

Number Forms
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&frac13;U+02153Vulgar fraction one third
&frac23;U+02154Vulgar fraction two thirds
&frac15;U+02155Vulgar fraction one fifth
&frac25;U+02156Vulgar fraction two fifths
&frac35;U+02157Vulgar fraction three fifths
&frac45;U+02158Vulgar fraction four fifths
&frac16;U+02159Vulgar fraction one sixth
&frac56;U+0215AVulgar fraction five sixths
&frac18;U+0215BVulgar fraction one eighth
&frac38vU+0215CVulgar fraction three eighths
&frac58;U+0215DVulgar fraction five eighths
&frac78;U+0215EVulgar fraction seven eighths

SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&larr;U+02190Leftwards arrow
&uarr;U+02191Upwards arrow
&rarr;U+02192Rightwards arrow
&darr;U+02193Downwards arrow
&harr;U+02194Left right arrow
&varr;U+02195Up down arrow
&nwarr;U+02196North west arrow
&nearr;U+02197North east arrow
&searr;U+02198South east arrow
&swarr;U+02199South west arrow
&nlarr;U+0219ALeftwards arrow with stroke
&nrarr;U+0219BRightwards arrow with stroke
&rarrw;U+0219DRightwards wave arrow
&Larr;U+0219ELeftwards two headed arrow
&Uarr;U+0219FUpwards two headed arrow
&Rarr;U+021A0Rightwards two headed arrow
&Darr;U+021A1Downwards two headed arrow
&larrtl;U+021A2Leftwards arrow with tail
&rarrtl;U+021A3Rightwards arrow with tail
&LeftTeeArrow;U+021A4Leftwards arrow from bar
&UpTeeArrow;U+021A5Upwards arrow from bar
&RightTeeArrow;U+021A6Rightwards arrow from bar
&DownTeeArrow;U+021A7Downwards arrow from bar
&larrhk;U+021A9Leftwards arrow with hook
&rarrhk;U+021AARightwards arrow with hook
&larrlp;U+021ABLeftwards arrow with loop
&rarrlp;U+021ACRightwards arrow with loop
&harrw;U+021ADLeft right wave arrow
&nharr;U+021AELeft right arrow with stroke
&lsh;U+021B0Upwards arrow with tip leftwards
&rsh;U+021B1Upwards arrow with tip rightwards
&ldsh;U+021B2Downwards arrow with tip leftwards
&rdsh;U+021B3Downwards arrow with tip rightwards
&crarr;U+021B5Downwards arrow with corner leftwards
&cularr;U+021B6Anticlockwise top semicircle arrow
&curarr;U+021B7Clockwise top semicircle arrow
&olarr;U+021BAAnticlockwise open circle arrow
&orarr;U+021BBClockwise open circle arrow
&lharu;U+021BCLeftwards harpoon with barb upwards
&lhard;U+021BDLeftwards harpoon with barb downwards
&uharr;U+021BEUpwards harpoon with barb rightwards
&uharl;U+021BFUpwards harpoon with barb leftwards
&rharu;U+021C0Rightwards harpoon with barb upwards
&rhard;U+021C1Rightwards harpoon with barb downwards
&dharr;U+021C2Downwards harpoon with barb rightwards
&dharl;U+021C3Downwards harpoon with barb leftwards
&rlarr;U+021C4Rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow
&udarr;U+021C5Upwards arrow leftwards of downwards arrow
&lrarr;U+021C6Leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow
&llarr;U+021C7Leftwards paired arrows
&uuarr;U+021C8Upwards paired arrows
&rrarr;U+021C9Rightwards paired arrows
&ddarr;U+021CADownwards paired arrows
&lrhar;U+021CBLeftwards harpoon over rightwards harpoon
&rlhar;U+021CCRightwards harpoon over leftwards harpoon
&nlArr;U+021CDLeftwards double arrow with stroke
&nhArr;U+021CELeft right double arrow with stroke
&nrArr;U+021CFRightwards double arrow with stroke
&lArr;U+021D0Leftwards double arrow
&uArr;U+021D1Upwards double arrow
&rArr;U+021D2Rightwards double arrow
&dArr;U+021D3Downwards double arrow
&hArr;U+021D4Left right double arrow
&vArr;U+021D5Up down double arrow
&nwArr;U+021D6North west double arrow
&neArr;U+021D7North east double arrow
&seArr;U+021D8South east double arrow
&swArr;U+021D9South west double arrow
&lAarr;U+021DALeftwards triple arrow
&rAarr;U+021DBRightwards triple arrow
&zigrarr;U+021DDRightwards squiggle arrow
&larrb;U+021E4Leftwards arrow to bar
&rarrb;U+021E5Rightwards arrow to bar
&duarr;U+021F5Downwards arrow leftwards of upwards arrow
&loarr;U+021FDLeftwards open-headed arrow
&roarr;U+021FERightwards open-headed arrow
&hoarr;U+021FFLeft right open-headed arrow

Mathematical Operators
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&forall;U+02200For all
&part;U+02202Partial differential
&exist;U+02203There exists
&nexist;U+02204There does not exist
&empty;U+02205Empty set
&isin;U+02208Element of
&notin;U+02209Not an element of
&niv;U+0220BContains as member
&notni;U+0220CDoes not contain as member
&prod;U+0220FN-ary product
&coprod;U+02210N-ary coproduct
&sum;U+02211N-ary summation
&minus;U+02212Minus sign
&mnplus;U+02213Minus-or-plus sign
&plusdo;U+02214Dot plus
&setmn;U+02216Set minus
&lowast;U+02217Asterisk operator
&compfn;U+02218Ring operator
&radic;U+0221ASquare root
&prop;U+0221DProportional to
&angrt;U+0221FRight angle
&angmsd;U+02221Measured angle
&angsph;U+02222Spherical angle
&nmid;U+02224Does not divide
&par;U+02225Parallel to
&npar;U+02226Not parallel to
&and;U+02227Logical AND
&or;U+02228Logical OR
&Int;U+0222CDouble integral
&tint;U+0222DTriple integral
&conint;U+0222EContour integral
&Conint;U+0222FSurface integral
&Cconint;U+02230Volume integral
&cwint;U+02231Clockwise integral
&cwconint;U+02232Clockwise contour integral
&awconint;U+02233Anticlockwise contour integral
&minusd;U+02238Dot minus
&mDDot;U+0223AGeometric proportion
&sim;U+0223CTilde operator
&bsim;U+0223DReversed tilde
&ac;U+0223EInverted lazy S
&acd;U+0223FSine wave
&wreath;U+02240Wreath product
&nsim;U+02241Not tilde
&esim;U+02242Minus tilde
&sime;U+02243Asymptotically equal to
&nsime;U+02244Not asymptotically equal to
&cong;U+02245Approximately equal to
&simne;U+02246Approximately but not actually equal to
&ncong;U+02247Neither approximately nor actually equal to
&asymp;U+02248Almost equal to
&nap;U+02249Not almost equal to
&ape;U+0224AAlmost equal or equal to
&apid;U+0224BTriple tilde
&bcong;U+0224CAll equal to
&asympeq;U+0224DEquivalent to
&bump;U+0224EGeometrically equivalent to
&bumpe;U+0224FDifference between
&esdot;U+02250Approaches the limit
&eDot;U+02251Geometrically equal to
&efDot;U+02252Approximately equal to or the image of
&erDot;U+02253Image of or approximately equal to
&colone;U+02254Colon equals
&ecolon;U+02255Equals colon
&ecir;U+02256Ring in equal to
&cire;U+02257Ring equal to
&veeeq;U+0225AEquiangular to
&trie;U+0225CDelta equal to
&equest;U+0225FQuestioned equal to
&ne;U+02260Not equal to
&equiv;U+02261Identical to
&nequiv;U+02262Not identical to
&le;U+02264Less-than or equal to
&ge;U+02265Greater-than or equal to
&lE;U+02266Less-than over equal to
&gE;U+02267Greater-than over equal to
&lnE;U+02268Less-than but not equal to
&gnE;U+02269Greater-than but not equal to
&Lt;U+0226AMuch less-than
&Gt;U+0226BMuch greater-than
&NotCupCap;U+0226DNot equivalent to
&nlt;U+0226ENot less-than
&ngt;U+0226FNot greater-than
&nle;U+02270Neither less-than nor equal to
&nge;U+02271Neither greater-than nor equal to
&lsim;U+02272Less-than or equivalent to
&gsim;U+02273Greater-than or equivalent to
&nlsim;U+02274Neither less-than nor equivalent to
&ngsim;U+02275Neither greater-than nor equivalent to
&lg;U+02276Less-than or greater-than
&gl;U+02277Greater-than or less-than
&ntlg;U+02278Neither less-than nor greater-than
&ntgl;U+02279Neither greater-than nor less-than
&prcue;U+0227CPrecedes or equal to
&sccue;U+0227DSucceeds or equal to
&prsim;U+0227EPrecedes or equivalent to
&scsim;U+0227FSucceeds or equivalent to
&npr;U+02280Does not precede
&nsc;U+02281Does not succeed
&sub;U+02282Subset of
&sup;U+02283Superset of
&nsub;U+02284Not a subset of
&nsup;U+02285Not a superset of
&sube;U+02286Subset of or equal to
&supe;U+02287Superset of or equal to
&nsube;U+02288Neither a subset of nor equal to
&nsupe;U+02289Neither a superset of nor equal to
&subne;U+0228ASubset of with not equal to
&supne;U+0228BSuperset of with not equal to
&cupdot;U+0228DMultiset multiplication
&uplus;U+0228EMultiset union
&sqsub;U+0228FSquare image of
&sqsup;U+02290Square original of
&sqsube;U+02291Square image of or equal to
&sqsupe;U+02292Square original of or equal to
&sqcap;U+02293Square cap
&sqcup;U+02294Square cup
&oplus;U+02295Circled plus
&ominus;U+02296Circled minus
&otimes;U+02297Circled times
&osol;U+02298Circled division slash
&odot;U+02299Circled dot operator
&ocir;U+0229ACircled ring operator
&oast;U+0229BCircled asterisk operator
&odash;U+0229DCircled dash
&plusb;U+0229ESquared plus
&minusb;U+0229FSquared minus
&timesb;U+022A0Squared times
&sdotb;U+022A1Squared dot operator
&vdash;U+022A2Right tack
&dashv;U+022A3Left tack
&top;U+022A4Down tack
&bottom;U+022A5Up tack
&Vvdash;U+022AATriple vertical bar right turnstile
&VDash;U+022ABDouble vertical bar double right turnstile
&nvdash;U+022ACDoes not prove
&nvDash;U+022ADNot true
&nVdash;U+022AEDoes not force
&nVDash;U+022AFNegated double vertical bar double right turnstile
&prurel;U+022B0Precedes under relation
&vltri;U+022B2Normal subgroup of
&vrtri;U+022B3Contains as normal subgroup
&ltrie;U+022B4Normal subgroup of or equal to
&rtrie;U+022B5Contains as normal subgroup or equal to
&origof;U+022B6Original of
&imof;U+022B7Image of
&hercon;U+022B9Hermitian conjugate matrix
&angrtvb;U+022BERight angle with arc
&lrtri;U+022BFRight triangle
&xwedge;U+022C0N-ary logical AND
&xvee;U+022C1N-ary logicaL OR
&xcap;U+022C2N-ary intersection
&xcup;U+022C3N-ary union
&diam;U+022C4Diamond operator
&sdot;U+022C5Dot operator
&sstarf;U+022C6Star operator
&divonx;U+022C7Division times
&ltimes;U+022C9Left normal factor semidirect product
&rtimes;U+022CARight normal factor semidirect product
&lthree;U+022CBLeft semidirect product
&rthree;U+022CCRight semidirect product
&bsime;U+022CDReversed tilde equals
&cuvee;U+022CECurly logical OR
&cuwed;U+022CFCurly logical AND
&Sub;U+022D0Double subset
&Sup;U+022D1Double superset
&Cap;U+022D2Double intersection
&Cup;U+022D3Double union
&epar;U+022D5Equal and parallel to
&ltdot;U+022D6Less-than with dot
&gtdot;U+022D7Greater-than with dot
&Ll;U+022D8Very much less-than
&Gg;U+022D9Very much greater-than
&leg;U+022DALess-than equal to or greater-than
&gel;U+022DBGreater-than equal to or less-than
&cuepr;U+022DEEqual to or precedes
&cuesc;U+022DFEqual to or succeeds
&nprcue;U+022E0Does not precede or equal
&nsccue;U+022E1Does not succeed or equal
&nsqsube;U+022E2Not square image of or equal to
&nsqsupe;U+022E3Not square original of or equal to
&lnsim;U+022E6Less-than but not equivalent to
&gnsim;U+022E7Greater-than but not equivalent to
&prnsim;U+022E8Precedes but not equivalent to
&scnsim;U+022E9Succeeds but not equivalent to
&nltri;U+022EANot normal subgroup of
&nrtri;U+022EBDoes not contain as normal subgroup
&nltrie;U+022ECNot normal subgroup of or equal to
&nrtrie;U+022EDDoes not contain as normal subgroup or equal
&vellip;U+022EEVertical ellipsis
&ctdot;U+022EFMidline horizontal ellipsis
&utdot;U+022F0Up right diagonal ellipsis
&dtdot;U+022F1Down right diagonal ellipsis
&disin;U+022F2Element of with long horizontal stroke
&isinsv;U+022F3Element of with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
&isins;U+022F4Small element of with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
&isindot;U+022F5Element of with dot above
&notinvc;U+022F6Element of with overbar
&notinvb;U+022F7Small element of with overbar
&isinE;U+022F9Element of with two horizontal strokes
&nisd;U+022FAContains with long horizontal stroke
&xnis;U+022FBContains with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
&nis;U+022FCSmall contains with vertical bar at end of horizontal stroke
&notnivc;U+022FDContains with overbar
&notnivb;U+022FESmall contains with overbar

Miscellaneous Technical
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&lceil;U+02308Left ceiling
&rceil;U+02309Right ceiling
&lfloor;U+0230ALeft floor
&rfloor;U+0230BRight floor
&drcrop;U+0230CBottom right crop
&dlcrop;U+0230DBottom left crop
&urcrop;U+0230ETop right crop
&ulcrop;U+0230FTop left crop
&bnot;U+02310Reversed not sign
&telrec;U+02315Telephone recorder
&target;U+02316Position indicator
&ulcorn;U+0231CTop left corner
&urcorn;U+0231DTop right corner
&dlcorn;U+0231EBottom left corner
&drcorn;U+0231FBottom right corner
&profalar;U+0232EAll around-profile
&topbot;U+02336APL functional symbol I-beam
&ovbar;U+0233DAPL functional symbol circle stile
&solbar;U+0233FAPL functional symbol slash bar
&angzarr;U+0237CRight angle with downwards zigzag arrow
&lmoust;U+023B0Upper left or lower right curly bracket section
&rmoust;U+023B1Upper right or lower left curly bracket section
&tbrk;U+023B4Top square bracket
&bbrk;U+023B5Bottom square bracket
&bbrktbrk;U+023B6Bottom square bracket over top square bracket
&OverParenthesis;U+023DCTop parenthesis
&UnderParenthesis;U+023DDBottom parenthesis
&OverBrace;U+023DETop curly bracket
&UnderBrace;U+023DFBottom curly bracket
&trpezium;U+023E2White trapezium
&elinters;U+023E7Electrical intersection

Control Pictures
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&blank;U+02423Open box

Enclosed Alphanumerics
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&oS;U+024C8Circled latin capital letter S

Box Drawing
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&boxh;U+02500Box drawings light horizontal
&boxv;U+02502Box drawings light vertical
&boxdr;U+0250CBox drawings light down and right
&boxdl;U+02510Box drawings light down and left
&boxur;U+02514Box drawings light up and right
&boxul;U+02518Box drawings light up and left
&boxvr;U+0251CBox drawings light vertical and right
&boxvl;U+02524Box drawings light vertical and left
&boxhd;U+0252CBox drawings light down and horizontal
&boxhu;U+02534Box drawings light up and horizontal
&boxvh;U+0253CBox drawings light vertical and horizontal
&boxH;U+02550Box drawings double horizontal
&boxV;U+02551Box drawings double vertical
&boxdR;U+02552Box drawings down single and right double
&boxDr;U+02553Box drawings down double and right single
&boxDR;U+02554Box drawings double down and right
&boxdL;U+02555Box drawings down single and left double
&boxDl;U+02556Box drawings down double and left single
&boxDL;U+02557Box drawings double down and left
&boxuR;U+02558Box drawings up single and right double
&boxUr;U+02559Box drawings up double and right single
&boxUR;U+0255ABox drawings double up and right
&boxuL;U+0255BBox drawings up single and left double
&boxUl;U+0255CBox drawings up double and left single
&boxUL;U+0255DBox drawings double up and left
&boxvR;U+0255EBox drawings vertical single and right double
&boxVr;U+0255FBox drawings vertical double and right single
&boxVR;U+02560Box drawings double vertical and right
&boxvL;U+02561Box drawings vertical single and left double
&boxVl;U+02562Box drawings vertical double and left single
&boxVL;U+02563Box drawings double vertical and left
&boxHd;U+02564Box drawings down single and horizontal double
&boxhD;U+02565Box drawings down double and horizontal single
&boxHD;U+02566Box drawings double down and horizontal
&boxHu;U+02567Box drawings up single and horizontal double
&boxhU;U+02568Box drawings up double and horizontal single
&boxHU;U+02569Box drawings double up and horizontal
&boxvH;U+0256ABox drawings vertical single and horizontal double
&boxVh;U+0256BBox drawings vertical double and horizontal single
&boxVH;U+0256CBox drawings double vertical and horizontal

Block Elements
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&uhblk;U+02580Upper half block
&lhblk;U+02584Lower half block
&block;U+02588Full block
&blk14U+02591Light shade
&blk12U+02592Medium shade
&blk34U+02593Dark shade

Geometric Shapes
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&squ;U+025A1White square
&squf;U+025AABlack small square
&EmptyVerySmallSquare;U+025ABWhite small square
&rect;U+025ADWhite rectangle
&marker;U+025AEBlack vertical rectangle
&fltns;U+025B1White parallelogram
&xutri;U+025B3White up-pointing triangle
&utrif;U+025B4Black up-pointing small triangle
&utri;U+025B5White up-pointing small triangle
&rtrif;U+025B8Black right-pointing small triangle
&rtri;U+025B9White right-pointing small triangle
&xdtri;U+025BDWhite down-pointing triangle
&dtrif;U+025BEBlack down-pointing small triangle
&dtri;U+025BFWhite down-pointing small triangle
&ltrif;U+025C2Black left-pointing small triangle
&ltri;U+025C3White left-pointing small triangle
&cir;U+025CBWhite circle
&tridot;U+025ECWhite up-pointing triangle with dot
&xcirc;U+025EFLarge circle
&ultri;U+025F8Upper left triangle
&urtri;U+025F9Upper right triangle
&lltri;U+025FALower left triangle
&EmptySmallSquare;U+025FBWhite medium square
&FilledSmallSquare;U+025FCBlack medium square

Miscellaneous Symbols
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&starf;U+02605Black star
&star;U+02606White star
&phone;U+0260EBlack telephone
&female;U+02640Female sign
&male;U+02642Male sign
&spades;U+02660Black spade suit
&clubs;U+02663Black club suit
&hearts;U+02665Black heart suit
&diams;U+02666Black diamond suit
&sung;U+0266AEighth note
&flat;U+0266DMusic flat sign
&natur;U+0266EMusic natural sign
&sharp;U+0266FMusic sharp sign

SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&check;U+02713Check mark
&cross;U+02717Ballot X
&malt;U+02720Maltese cross
&sext;U+02736Six pointed black star
&VerticalSeparator;U+02758Light vertical bar
&lbbrk;U+02772Light left tortoise shell bracket ornament
&rbbrk;U+02773Light right tortoise shell bracket ornament

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&bsolhsub;U+027C8Mathematical reverse solidus preceding subset
&suphsol;U+027C9Mathematical superset preceding solidus
&lobrk;U+027E6Mathematical left white square bracket
&robrk;U+027E7Mathematical right white square bracket
&lang;U+027E8Mathematical left angle bracket
&rang;U+027E9Mathematical right angle bracket
&Lang;U+027EAMathematical left double angle bracket
&Rang;U+027EB;Mathematical right double angle bracket
&loang;U+027EC;Mathematical left white tortoise shell bracket
&roang;U+027ED;Mathematical right white tortoise shell bracket

Supplemental Arrows-A
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&xlarr;U+027F5Long leftwards arrow
&xrarr;U+027F6Long rightwards arrow
&xharr;U+027F7Long left right arrow
&xlArr;U+027F8Long leftwards double arrow
&xrArr;U+027F9Long rightwards double arrow
&xhArr;U+027FALong left right double arrow
&xmap;U+027FCLong rightwards arrow from bar
&dzigrarr;U+027FFLong rightwards squiggle arrow

Supplemental Arrows-B
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&nvlArr;U+02902Leftwards double arrow with vertical stroke
&nvrArr;U+02903Rightwards double arrow with vertical stroke
&nvHarr;U+02904Left right double arrow with vertical stroke
&Map;U+02905Rightwards two-headed arrow from bar
&lbarr;U+0290CLeftwards double dash arrow
&rbarr;U+0290DRightwards double dash arrow
&lBarr;U+0290ELeftwards triple dash arrow
&rBarr;U+0290FRightwards triple dash arrow
&RBarr;U+02910Rightwards two-headed triple dash arrow
&DDotrahd;U+02911Rightwards arrow with dotted stem
&UpArrowBar;U+02912Upwards arrow to bar
&DownArrowBar;U+02913Downwards arrow to bar
&Rarrtl;U+02916Rightwards two-headed arrow with tail
&latail;U+02919Leftwards arrow-tail
&ratail;U+0291ARightwards arrow-tail
&lAtail;U+0291BLeftwards double arrow-tail
&rAtail;U+0291CRightwards double arrow-tail
&larrfs;U+0291DLeftwards arrow to black diamond
&rarrfs;U+0291ERightwards arrow to black diamond
&larrbfs;U+0291FLeftwards arrow from bar to black diamond
&rarrbfs;U+02920Rightwards arrow from bar to black diamond
&nwarhk;U+02923North west arrow with hook
&nearhk;U+02924North east arrow with hook
&searhk;U+02925South east arrow with hook
&swarhk;U+02926South west arrow with hook
&nwnear;U+02927North west arrow and north east arrow
&nesear;U+02928North east arrow and south east arrow
&seswar;U+02929South east arrow and south west arrow
&swnwar;U+0292ASouth west arrow and north west arrow
&rarrc;U+02933Wave arrow pointing directly right
&cudarrr;U+02935Arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwards
&ldca;U+02936Arrow pointing downwards then curving leftwards
&rdca;U+02937Arrow pointing downwards then curving rightwards
&cudarrl;U+02938Right-side arc clockwise arrow
&larrpl;U+02939Left-side arc anticlockwise arrow
&curarrm;U+0293CTop arc clockwise arrow with minus
&cularrp;U+0293DTop arc anticlockwise arrow with plus
&rarrpl;U+02945Rightwards arrow with plus below
&harrcir;U+02948Left right arrow through small circle
&Uarrocir;U+02949Upwards two-headed arrow from small circle
&lurdshar;U+0294ALeft barb up right barb down harpoon
&ldrushar;U+0294BLeft barb down right barb up harpoon
&LeftRightVector;U+0294ELeft barb up right barb up harpoon
&RightUpDownVector;U+0294FUp barb right down barb right harpoon
&DownLeftRightVector;U+02950Left barb down right barb down harpoon
&LeftUpDownVector;U+02951Up barb left down barb left harpoon
&LeftVectorBar;U+02952Leftwards harpoon with barb up to bar
&RightVectorBar;U+02953Rightwards harpoon with barb up to bar
&RightUpVectorBar;U+02954Upwards harpoon with barb right to bar
&RightDownVectorBar;U+02955Downwards harpoon with barb right to bar
&DownLeftVectorBar;U+02956Leftwards harpoon with barb down to bar
&DownRightVectorBar;U+02957Rightwards harpoon with barb down to bar
&LeftUpVectorBar;U+02958Upwards harpoon with barb left to bar
&LeftDownVectorBar;U+02959Downwards harpoon with barb left to bar
&LeftTeeVector;U+0295ALeftwards harpoon with barb up from bar
&RightTeeVector;U+0295BRightwards harpoon with barb up from bar
&RightUpTeeVector;U+0295CUpwards harpoon with barb right from bar
&RightDownTeeVector;U+0295DDownwards harpoon with barb right from bar
&DownLeftTeeVector;U+0295ELeftwards harpoon with barb down from bar
&DownRightTeeVector;U+0295FRightwards harpoon with barb down from bar
&LeftUpTeeVector;U+02960Upwards harpoon with barb left from bar
&LeftDownTeeVector;U+02961Downwards harpoon with barb left from bar
&lHar;U+02962Leftwards harpoon with barb up above leftwards harpoon with barb down
&uHar;U+02963Upwards harpoon with barb left beside upwards harpoon with barb right
&rHar;U+02964Rightwards harpoon with barb up above rightwards harpoon with barb down
&dHar;U+02965Downwards harpoon with barb left beside downwards harpoon with barb right
&luruhar;U+02966Leftwards harpoon with barb up above rightwards harpoon with barb up
&ldrdhar;U+02967Leftwards harpoon with barb down above rightwards harpoon with barb down
&ruluhar;U+02968Rightwards harpoon with barb up above leftwards harpoon with barb up
&rdldhar;U+02969Rightwards harpoon with barb down above leftwards harpoon with barb down
&lharul;U+0296ALeftwards harpoon with barb up above long dash
&llhard;U+0296BLeftwards harpoon with barb down below long dash
&rharul;U+0296CRightwards harpoon with barb up above long dash
&lrhard;U+0296DRightwards harpoon with barb down below long dash
&udhar;U+0296EUpwards harpoon with barb left beside downwards harpoon with barb right
&duhar;U+0296FDownwards harpoon with barb left beside upwards harpoon with barb right
&RoundImplies;U+02970Right double arrow with rounded head
&erarr;U+02971Equals sign above rightwards arrow
&simrarr;U+02972Tilde operator above rightwards arrow
&larrsim;U+02973Leftwards arrow above tilde operator
&rarrsim;U+02974Rightwards arrow above tilde operator
&rarrap;U+02975Rightwards arrow above almost equal to
&ltlarr;U+02976Less-than above leftwards arrow
&gtrarr;U+02978Greater-than above rightwards arrow
&subrarr;U+02979Subset above rightwards arrow
&suplarr;U+0297BSuperset above leftwards arrow
&lfisht;U+0297CLeft fish tail
&rfisht;U+0297DRight fish tail
&ufisht;U+0297EUp fish tail
⥿&dfisht;U+0297FDown fish tail

Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&lopar;U+02985Left white parenthesis
&ropar;U+02986Right white parenthesis
&lbrke;U+0298BLeft square bracket with underbar
&rbrke;U+0298CRight square bracket with underbar
&lbrkslu;U+0298DLeft square bracket with tick in top corner
&rbrksld;U+0298ERight square bracket with tick in bottom corner
&lbrksld;U+0298FLeft square bracket with tick in bottom corner
&rbrkslu;U+02990Right square bracket with tick in top corner
&langd;U+02991Left angle bracket with dot
&rangd;U+02992Right angle bracket with dot
&lparlt;U+02993Left arc less-than bracket
&rpargt;U+02994Right arc greater-than bracket
&gtlPar;U+02995Double left arc greater-than bracket
&ltrPar;U+02996Double right arc less-than bracket
&vzigzag;U+0299AVertical zigzag line
&vangrt;U+0299CRight angle variant with square
&angrtvbd;U+0299DMeasured right angle with dot
&ange;U+029A4Angle with underbar
&range;U+029A5Reversed angle with underbar
&dwangle;U+029A6Oblique angle opening up
&uwangle;U+029A7Oblique angle opening down
&angmsdaa;U+029A8Measured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing up and right
&angmsdab;U+029A9Measured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing up and left
&angmsdac;U+029AAMeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing down and right
&angmsdad;U+029ABMeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing down and left
&angmsdae;U+029ACMeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing right and up
&angmsdaf;U+029ADMeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing left and up
&angmsdag;U+029AEMeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing right and down
&angmsdah;U+029AFMeasured angle with open arm ending in arrow pointing left and down
&bemptyv;U+029B0Reversed empty set
&demptyv;U+029B1Empty set with overbar
&cemptyv;U+029B2Empty set with small circle above
&raemptyv;U+029B3Empty set with right arrow above
&laemptyv;U+029B4Empty set with left arrow above
&ohbar;U+029B5Circle with horizontal bar
&omid;U+029B6Circled vertical bar
&opar;U+029B7Circled parallel
&operp;U+029B9Circled perpendicular
&olcross;U+029BBCircle with superimposed X
&odsold;U+029BCCircled anticlockwise-rotated division sign
&olcir;U+029BECircled white bullet
⦿&ofcir;U+029BFCircled bullet
&olt;U+029C0Circled less-than
&ogt;U+029C1Circled greater-than
&cirscir;U+029C2Circle with small circle to the right
&cirE;U+029C3Circle with two horizontal strokes to the right
&solb;U+029C4Squared rising diagonal slash
&bsolb;U+029C5Squared falling diagonal slash
&boxbox;U+029C9Two joined squares
&trisb;U+029CDTriangle with serifs at bottom
&rtriltri;U+029CERight triangle above left triangle
&LeftTriangleBar;U+029CFLeft triangle beside vertical bar
&RightTriangleBar;U+029D0Vertical bar beside right triangle
&race;U+029DALeft double wiggly fence
&iinfin;U+029DCIncomplete infinity
&infintie;U+029DDTie over infinity
&nvinfin;U+029DEInfinity negated with vertical bar
&eparsl;U+029E3Equals sign and slanted parallel
&smeparsl;U+029E4Equals sign and slanted parallel with tilde above
&eqvparsl;U+029E5Identical to and slanted parallel
&lozf;U+029EBBlack lozenge
&dsol;U+029F6Solidus with overbar

Supplemental Mathematical Operators
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&xodot;U+02A00N-ary circled dot operator
&xoplus;U+02A01N-ary circled plus operator
&xotime;U+02A02N-ary circled times operator
&xuplus;U+02A04N-ary union operator with plus
&xsqcup;U+02A06N-ary square union operator
&qint;U+02A0CQuadruple integral operator
&fpartint;U+02A0DFinite part integral
&cirfnint;U+02A10Circulation function
&awint;U+02A11Anticlockwise integration
&rppolint;U+02A12Line integration with rectangular path around pole
&scpolint;U+02A13Line integration with semicircular path around pole
&npolint;U+02A14Line integration not including the pole
&pointint;U+02A15Integral around a point operator
&quatint;U+02A16Quaternion integral operator
&intlarhk;U+02A17Integral with leftwards arrow with hook
&pluscir;U+02A22Plus sign with small circle above
&plusacir;U+02A23Plus sign with circumflex accent above
&simplus;U+02A24Plus sign with tilde above
&plusdu;U+02A25Plus sign with dot below
&plussim;U+02A26Plus sign with tilde below
&plustwo;U+02A27Plus sign with subscript two
&mcomma;U+02A29Minus sign with comma above
&minusdu;U+02A2AMinus sign with dot below
&loplus;U+02A2DPlus sign in left half circle
&roplus;U+02A2EPlus sign in right half circle
&Cross;U+02A2FVector or cross product
&timesd;U+02A30Multiplication sign with dot above
&timesbar;U+02A31Multiplication sign with underbar
&smashp;U+02A33Smash product
&lotimes;U+02A34Multiplication sign in left half circle
&rotimes;U+02A35Multiplication sign in right half circle
&otimesas;U+02A36Circled multiplication sign with circumflex accent
&Otimes;U+02A37Multiplication sign in double circle
&odiv;U+02A38Circled division sign
&triplus;U+02A39Plus sign in triangle
&triminus;U+02A3AMinus sign in triangle
&tritime;U+02A3BMultiplication sign in triangle
&intprod;U+02A3CInterior product
⨿&amalg;U+02A3F;Amalgamation or coproduct
&capdot;U+02A40Intersection with dot
&ncup;U+02A42Union with overbar
&ncap;U+02A43Intersection with overbar
&capand;U+02A44Intersection with logical AND
&cupor;U+02A45Union with logical OR
&cupcap;U+02A46Union above intersection
&capcup;U+02A47Intersection above union
&cupbrcap;U+02A48Union above bar above intersection
&capbrcup;U+02A49Intersection above bar above union
&cupcup;U+02A4AUnion beside and joined with union
&capcap;U+02A4BIntersection beside and joined with intersection
&ccups;U+02A4CClosed union with serifs
&ccaps;U+02A4DClosed intersection with serifs
&ccupssm;U+02A50Closed union with serifs and smash product
&And;U+02A53Double logical AND
&Or;U+02A54Double logical OR
&andand;U+02A55Two intersecting logical AND
&oror;U+02A56Two intersecting logical OR
&orslope;U+02A57Sloping large OR
&andslope;U+02A58Sloping large AND
&andv;U+02A5ALogical AND with middle stem
&orv;U+02A5BLogical OR with middle stem
&andd;U+02A5CLogical AND with horizontal dash
&ord;U+02A5DLogical OR with horizontal dash
&wedbar;U+02A5FLogical AND with underbar
&sdote;U+02A66Equals sign with dot below
&simdot;U+02A6ATilde operator with dot above
&congdot;U+02A6DCongruent with dot above
&easter;U+02A6EEquals with asterisk
&apacir;U+02A6FAlmost equal to with circumflex accent
&apE;U+02A70Approximately equal or equal to
&eplus;U+02A71Equals sign above plus sign
&pluse;U+02A72Plus sign above equals sign
&Esim;U+02A73Equals sign above tilde operator
&Colone;U+02A74Double colon equal
&Equal;U+02A75Two consecutive equals signs
&eDDot;U+02A77Equals sign with two dots above and two dots below
&equivDD;U+02A78Equivalent with four dots above
&ltcir;U+02A79Less-than with circle inside
&gtcir;U+02A7AGreater-than with circle inside
&ltquest;U+02A7BLess-than with question mark above
&gtquest;U+02A7CGreater-than with question mark above
&les;U+02A7DLess-than or slanted equal to
&ges;U+02A7EGreater-than or slanted equal to
⩿&lesdot;U+02A7FLess-than or slanted equal to with dot inside
&gesdot;U+02A80Greater-than or slanted equal to with dot inside
&lesdoto;U+02A81Less-than or slanted equal to with dot above
&gesdoto;U+02A82Greater-than or slanted equal to with dot above
&lesdotor;U+02A83Less-than or slanted equal to with dot above right
&gesdotol;U+02A84Greater-than or slanted equal to with dot above left
&lap;U+02A85Less-than or approximate
&gap;U+02A86Greater-than or approximate
&lne;U+02A87Less-than and single-line not equal to
&gne;U+02A88Greater-than and single-line not equal to
&lnap;U+02A89Less-than and not approximate
&gnap;U+02A8AGreater-than and not approximate
&lEg;U+02A8BLess-than above double-line equal above greater-than
&gEl;U+02A8CGreater-than above double-line equal above less-than
&lsime;U+02A8DLess-than above similar or equal
&gsime;U+02A8EGreater-than above similar or equal
&lsimg;U+02A8FLess-than above similar above greater-than
&gsiml;U+02A90Greater-than above similar above less-than
&lgE;U+02A91Less-than above greater-than above double-line equal
&glE;U+02A92Greater-than above less-than above double-line equal
&lesges;U+02A93Less-than above slanted equal above greater-than above slanted equal
&gesles;U+02A94Greater-than above slanted equal above less-than above slanted equal
&els;U+02A95Slanted equal to or less-than
&egs;U+02A96Slanted equal to or greater-than
&elsdot;U+02A97Slanted equal to or less-than with dot inside
&egsdot;U+02A98Slanted equal to or greater-than with dot inside
&el;U+02A99Double-line equal to or less-than
&eg;U+02A9ADouble-line equal to or greater-than
&siml;U+02A9DSimilar or less-than
&simg;U+02A9ESimilar or greater-than
&simlE;U+02A9FSimilar above less-than above equals sign
&simgE;U+02AA0Similar above greater-than above equals sign
&LessLess;U+02AA1Double nested less-than
&GreaterGreater;U+02AA2Double nested greater-than
&glj;U+02AA4Greater-than overlapping less-than
&gla;U+02AA5Greater-than beside less-than
&ltcc;U+02AA6Less-than closed by curve
&gtcc;U+02AA7Greater-than closed by curve
&lescc;U+02AA8Less-than closed by curve above slanted equal
&gescc;U+02AA9Greater-than closed by curve above slanted equal
&smt;U+02AAASmaller than
&lat;U+02AABLarger than
&smte;U+02AACSmaller than or equal to
&late;U+02AADLarger than or equal to
&bumpE;U+02AAEEquals sign with bumpy above
&pre;U+02AAFPrecedes above single-line equals sign
&sce;U+02AB0Succeeds above single-line equals sign
&prE;U+02AB3Precedes above equals sign
&scE;U+02AB4Succeeds above equals sign
&prnE;U+02AB5Precedes above not equal to
&scnE;U+02AB6Succeeds above not equal to
&prap;U+02AB7Precedes above almost equal to
&scap;U+02AB8succeeds above almost equal to
&prnap;U+02AB9Precedes above not almost equal to
&scnap;U+02ABASucceeds above not almost equal to
&Pr;U+02ABBDouble precedes
&Sc;U+02ABCDouble succeeds
&subdot;U+02ABDSubset with dot
&supdot;U+02ABESuperset with dot
⪿&subplus;U+02ABFSubset with plus sign below
&supplus;U+02AC0Superset with plus sign below
&submult;U+02AC1Subset with multiplication sign below
&supmult;U+02AC2Superset with multiplication sign below
&subedot;U+02AC3Subset of or equal to with dot above
&supedot;U+02AC4Superset of or equal to with dot above
&subE;U+02AC5Subset of above equals sign
&supE;U+02AC6Superset of above equals sign
&subsim;U+02AC7Subset of above tilde operator
&supsim;U+02AC8Superset of above tilde operator
&subnE;U+02ACBSubset of above not equal to
&supnE;U+02ACCSuperset of above not equal to
&csub;U+02ACFClosed subset
&csup;U+02AD0Closed superset
&csube;U+02AD1Closed subset or equal to
&csupe;U+02AD2Closed superset or equal to
&subsup;U+02AD3Subset above superset
&supsub;U+02AD4Superset above subset
&subsub;U+02AD5Subset above subset
&supsup;U+02AD6Superset above superset
&suphsub;U+02AD7Superset beside subset
&supdsub;U+02AD8Superset beside and joined by dash with subset
&forkv;U+02AD9Element of opening downwards
&topfork;U+02ADAPitchfork with tee top
&mlcp;U+02ADBTransversal intersection
&DoubleLeftTee;U+02AE4Vertical bar double left turnstile
&Vdashl;U+02AE6Long dash from left member of double vertical
&Barv;U+02AE7Short down tack with overbar
&vBar;U+02AE8Short up tack with underbar
&vBarv;U+02AE9Short up tack above short down tack
&Vbar;U+02AEBDouble up tack
&Not;U+02AECDouble stroke not sign
&bNot;U+02AEDReversed double stroke not sign
&rnmid;U+02AEEDoes not divide with reversed negation slash
&cirmid;U+02AEFVertical line with circle above
&midcir;U+02AF0Vertical line with circle below
&topcir;U+02AF1Down tack with circle below
&nhpar;U+02AF2Parallel with horizontal stroke
&parsim;U+02AF3Parallel with tilde operator
&parsl;U+02AFDDouble solidus operator

Alphabetic Presentation Forms
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
&fflig;U+0FB00Latin small ligature ff
&filig;U+0FB01Latin small ligature fi
&fllig;U+0FB02Latin small ligature fl
&ffilig;U+0FB03Latin small ligature ffi
&ffllig;U+0FB04Latin small ligature ffl

Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols
SymbolHTML entityUnicodeDescription
𝒜&Ascr;U+1D49CMathematical script capital A
𝒞&Cscr;U+1D49EMathematical script capital C
𝒟&Dscr;U+1D49FMathematical script capital D
𝒢&Gscr;U+1D4A2Mathematical script capital G
𝒥&Jscr;U+1D4A5Mathematical script capital J
𝒦&Kscr;U+1D4A6Mathematical script capital K
𝒩&Nscr;U+1D4A9Mathematical script capital N
𝒪&Oscr;U+1D4AAMathematical script capital O
𝒫&Pscr;U+1D4ABMathematical script capital P
𝒬&Qscr;U+1D4ACMathematical script capital Q
𝒮&Sscr;U+1D4AEMathematical script capital S
𝒯&Tscr;U+1D4AFMathematical script capital T
𝒰&Uscr;U+1D4B0Mathematical script capital U
𝒱&Vscr;U+1D4B1Mathematical script capital V
𝒲&Wscr;U+1D4B2Mathematical script capital W
𝒳&Xscr;U+1D4B3Mathematical script capital X
𝒴&Yscr;U+1D4B4Mathematical script capital Y
𝒵&Zscr;U+1D4B5Mathematical script capital Z
𝒶&ascr;U+1D4B6Mathematical script small a
𝒷&bscr;U+1D4B7Mathematical script small b
𝒸&cscr;U+1D4B8Mathematical script small c
𝒹&dscr;U+1D4B9Mathematical script small d
𝒻&fscr;U+1D4BBMathematical script small f
𝒽&hscr;U+1D4BDMathematical script small h
𝒾&iscr;U+1D4BEMathematical script small i
𝒿&jscr;U+1D4BFMathematical script small j
𝓀&kscr;U+1D4C0Mathematical script small k
𝓁&lscr;U+1D4C1Mathematical script small l
𝓂&mscr;U+1D4C2Mathematical script small m
𝓃&nscr;U+1D4C3Mathematical script small n
𝓅&pscr;U+1D4C5Mathematical script small p
𝓆&qscr;U+1D4C6Mathematical script small q
𝓇&rscr;U+1D4C7Mathematical script small r
𝓈&sscr;U+1D4C8Mathematical script small s
𝓉&tscr;U+1D4C9Mathematical script small t
𝓊&uscr;U+1D4CAMathematical script small u
𝓋&vscr;U+1D4CBMathematical script small v
𝓌&wscr;U+1D4CCMathematical script small w
𝓍&xscr;U+1D4CDMathematical script small x
𝓎&yscr;U+1D4CEMathematical script small y
𝓏&zscr;U+1D4CFMathematical script small z
𝔄&Afr;U+1D504Mathematical fraktur capital A
𝔅&Bfr;U+1D505Mathematical fraktur capital B
𝔇&Dfr;U+1D507Mathematical fraktur capital D
𝔈&Efr;U+1D508Mathematical fraktur capital E
𝔉&Ffr;U+1D509Mathematical fraktur capital F
𝔊&Gfr;U+1D50AMathematical fraktur capital G
𝔍&Jfr;U+1D50DMathematical fraktur capital J
𝔎&Kfr;U+1D50EMathematical fraktur capital K
𝔏&Lfr;U+1D50FMathematical fraktur capital L
𝔐&Mfr;U+1D510Mathematical fraktur capital M
𝔑&Nfr;U+1D511Mathematical fraktur capital N
𝔒&Ofr;U+1D512Mathematical fraktur capital O
𝔓&Pfr;U+1D513Mathematical fraktur capital P
𝔔&Qfr;U+1D514Mathematical fraktur capital Q
𝔖&Sfr;U+1D516Mathematical fraktur capital S
𝔗&Tfr;U+1D517Mathematical fraktur capital T
𝔘&Ufr;U+1D518Mathematical fraktur capital U
𝔙&Vfr;U+1D519Mathematical fraktur capital V
𝔚&Wfr;U+1D51AMathematical fraktur capital W
𝔛&Xfr;U+1D51BMathematical fraktur capital X
𝔜&Yfr;U+1D51CMathematical fraktur capital Y
𝔞&afr;U+1D51EMathematical fraktur small a
𝔟&bfr;U+1D51FMathematical fraktur small b
𝔠&cfr;U+1D520Mathematical fraktur small c
𝔡&dfr;U+1D521Mathematical fraktur small d
𝔢&efr;U+1D522Mathematical fraktur small e
𝔣&ffr;U+1D523Mathematical fraktur small f
𝔤&gfr;U+1D524Mathematical fraktur small g
𝔥&hfr;U+1D525Mathematical fraktur small h
𝔦&ifr;U+1D526Mathematical fraktur small i
𝔧&jfr;U+1D527Mathematical fraktur small j
𝔨&kfr;U+1D528Mathematical fraktur small k
𝔩&lfr;U+1D529Mathematical fraktur small l
𝔪&mfr;U+1D52AMathematical fraktur small m
𝔫&nfr;U+1D52BMathematical fraktur small n
𝔬&ofr;U+1D52CMathematical fraktur small o
𝔭&pfr;U+1D52DMathematical fraktur small p
𝔮&qfr;U+1D52EMathematical fraktur small q
𝔯&rfr;U+1D52FMathematical fraktur small r
𝔰&sfr;U+1D530Mathematical fraktur small s
𝔱&tfr;U+1D531Mathematical fraktur small t
𝔲&ufr;U+1D532Mathematical fraktur small u
𝔳&vfr;U+1D533Mathematical fraktur small v
𝔴&wfr;U+1D534Mathematical fraktur small w
𝔵&xfr;U+1D535Mathematical fraktur small x
𝔶&yfr;U+1D536Mathematical fraktur small y
𝔷&zfr;U+1D537Mathematical fraktur small z
𝔸&Aopf;U+1D538Mathematical double-struck capital A
𝔹&Bopf;U+1D539Mathematical double-struck capital B
𝔻&Dopf;U+1D53BMathematical double-struck capital D
𝔼&Eopf;U+1D53CMathematical double-struck capital E
𝔽&Fopf;U+1D53DMathematical double-struck capital F
𝔾&Gopf;U+1D53EMathematical double-struck capital G
𝕀&Iopf;U+1D540Mathematical double-struck capital I
𝕁&Jopf;U+1D541Mathematical double-struck capital J
𝕂&Kopf;U+1D542Mathematical double-struck capital K
𝕃&Lopf;U+1D543Mathematical double-struck capital L
𝕄&Mopf;U+1D544Mathematical double-struck capital M
𝕆&Oopf;U+1D546Mathematical double-struck capital O
𝕊&Sopf;U+1D54AMathematical double-struck capital S
𝕋&Topf;U+1D54BMathematical double-struck capital T
𝕌&Uopf;U+1D54CMathematical double-struck capital U
𝕍&Vopf;U+1D54DMathematical double-struck capital V
𝕎&Wopf;U+1D54EMathematical double-struck capital W
𝕏&Xopf;U+1D54FMathematical double-struck capital X
𝕐&Yopf;U+1D550Mathematical double-struck capital Y
𝕒&aopf;U+1D552Mathematical double-struck small a
𝕓&bopf;U+1D553Mathematical double-struck small b
𝕔&copf;U+1D554Mathematical double-struck small c
𝕕&dopf;U+1D555Mathematical double-struck small d
𝕖&eopf;U+1D556Mathematical double-struck small e
𝕗&fopf;U+1D557Mathematical double-struck small f
𝕘&gopf;U+1D558Mathematical double-struck small g
𝕙&hopf;U+1D559Mathematical double-struck small h
𝕚&iopf;U+1D55AMathematical double-struck small i
𝕛&jopf;U+1D55BMathematical double-struck small j
𝕜&kopf;U+1D55CMathematical double-struck small k
𝕝&lopf;U+1D55DMathematical double-struck small l
𝕞&mopf;U+1D55EMathematical double-struck small m
𝕟&nopf;U+1D55FMathematical double-struck small n
𝕠&oopf;U+1D560Mathematical double-struck small o
𝕡&popf;U+1D561Mathematical double-struck small p
𝕢&qopf;U+1D562Mathematical double-struck small q
𝕣&ropf;U+1D563Mathematical double-struck small r
𝕤&sopf;U+1D564Mathematical double-struck small s
𝕥&topf;U+1D565Mathematical double-struck small t
𝕦&uopf;U+1D566Mathematical double-struck small u
𝕧&vopf;U+1D567Mathematical double-struck small v
𝕨&wopf;U+1D568Mathematical double-struck small W
𝕩&xopf;U+1D569Mathematical double-struck small X
𝕪&yopf;U+1D56AMathematical double-struck small y
𝕫&zopf;U+1D56BMathematical double-struck small z