Welcome to TechnologyUK

During my professional career I have taught on a number of technology-based college and university courses. My curriculum areas have included Telecommunications, Computing and Electrical Engineering. There are of course many excellent text books available on these subjects. Unfortunately, from the student's point of view, the quality of a text book is often reflected in its price. The speed of technological change also means that, in many cases, the content of a text book is out of date within months of its publication. Many students therefore rely heavily on the World Wide Web as a source of information. It is probably fair to say that most students now have Internet access, either at home or in their school, college or university. Access to information is instant, and the volume of information available online is truly staggering. One of the really great things about the web is that almost anyone can now publish their own content, without involving editors or publishers and at negligible cost. The down side of this is that there are no checks and balances, so the quality of online information can vary considerably from one source to the next.

In publishing these pages, my aim is to provide good-quality learning materials that are of use to both students and teachers. The site is, and probably always will be, a work in progress. It will continue to grow as I add new materials, and will hopefully continue to improve as I maintain, update and expand existing pages. The content is not intended to meet the needs of any particular curriculum, although I have of course been influenced by my own experience. I have organised the materials into a number of broad subject areas, each of which has a number of more specialised sections. If you can't find what you are looking for, a site search facility is available. If you want to cite one or more of my pages in a piece of written work, there is a "cite this page" link at the bottom of each page that provides the necessary details!

In producing materials for this website, I have attempted to write for students attending courses offered by technical and vocational colleges (what UNESCO calls post-secondary, non-tertiary education). I believe, however, that the pages published here will also help students in upper secondary education, as well as students in the early stages of a college or university degree course. The sections on mathematics and the physical sciences are intended to provide some of the underpinning knowledge required for other areas of study. I would like to add one final thing. Since very few things in life are perfect, I realise that this website will suffer from its fair share of errors and omissions. I therefore welcome feedback about how I can improve things. If you wish to report an error, suggest a change or simply make an observation, please contact me using the email link below.